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At Ausbell.com, we believe being the best artist or knowing what decent pieces of art look like can only be achieved from an informed perspective. Learning, being a never-ending process, should be a vital part of the life of an artist or anyone who loves art as much as we do. So whether you need to learn something about art, we can always help.

As much as the content shared on this platform is factual and evergreen, we often assess our offerings, consolidate and expand them to keep them current and objective.

Our Offerings

  • Games:

Articles classified under this section delve into the aspect of games as products of artists and designers. In this section, you will be able to learn more about the prerequisites of being a game artist/developer, benefits of PC games, and key insights about contemporary gaming genres.

  • Paintings:

The articles, guides, and tips shared serve to shed more light on various aspects of painting and the contribution offered by renowned painters. You also come across articles on different types of paintings, qualities of a good painting, and what it takes to be a good painter.

  • Sculptures:

Another featured category in this page delves into sculpturing as a type of art or craft. Here, you will learn something about the fundamentals of being a sculptor. Also, you stand to gain a lot more as an artist or sculptor-owner, about practical ways of displaying/marketing your works.

  • Crafts:

We understand that most other offerings on this website have a lot to do with crafts, i.e., paintings and sculptures. However, content shared under this section exhaustively examines different types of crafts and some tips on learning, perfecting, or earning a living from your craft.

Ausbell.com ensures that art-lovers and collectors get a chance to learn and enjoy art for years to come. Keep coming back for more offerings.