Common Types of Crafts

Are you planning to give your creative side some workout? It is high time you tried some craft, which could soon be a new hobby or even an income generating activity. There are many types of crafts worth trying. You only need to single out a particular craft and give it a try. This write-up shares some basic types of crafts.

Textile Crafts

This type of craft essentially includes any activity that involves working on a fabric or yarn. Activities like knitting, quilting, weaving and dying, all fall under textile crafts. What makes all these activities fabric crafts is the fact that they all deal with fabrics.

Paper Crafts

Paper crafts essentially have to with paper as the primary artistic medium. Paper crafts are among the most versatile crafts considering that both kids and adults can practice it. Also, paper crafts appeal to many people as papers tend to be quite cheap and readily available.

Fashion Crafts

This type of crafts involves dressing or decorating the human body. Some activities classified under this type of craft include producing jewelry, hats, garments, and leather-works. Notably, other forms of art like textile art and metal works can be classified as fashion art.

Decorative Crafts

This is among the broadest category of art. Artists who specialize in decorative arts have to produce functional pieces that also aesthetically appealing. Functional pieces like furniture sets, candles, weaving, carpets, and other beautiful but useful items are all part of the decorative arts category.

Fine Art

Also known as visual arts, fine art pieces are designs or artworks produced by artists that are exhibited in galleries and purchased by art lovers. Some examples of fine art include things like paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, and many more. The quality of a craft has everything to do with the expertise of the artist. The best pieces of art, in most cases, are those that offer both aesthetic and functional benefits.