How to Become a Video Game Artist

The video game industry is quite dynamic and it is amazing to see the development realized in the gaming industry in such a short time. In the last three decades, we’ve gone from simple pixel graphics to complex 3D games played today. And while programmers and graphic designers work to create the virtual world, the buck stops with the artist behind the concept. That said, here are some essential tips that will make you a seasoned video game artist.

Be passionate.

The first and most important quality for a video game artist is the passion for games. For starters, you do not have to be good at drawing, though this might help. Considering that we all have the potential to be better at anything we put our hearts into, passion for art is vital in game development.

What kind of artist do you want to be?

As games get sophisticated, the need for different types of artists increases. From concept generation, 2D drawing, to 3D modeling, One can play various roles as an artist in generating a game like Subway Surfers. To mention a few, one can be a concept artist, environmental artist, character artists, or an art director. You only need to identify what type of art appeals to you and work towards it.

Practice makes perfect.

The only way to get better at drawing is to practice a lot. You might consider enrolling in art school as a way of giving yourself more time to perfect your drawing skills. As a tip, make an effort of filling an entire sketchbook in a month or even less.

Game art is a niche industry that happens to be very competitive. As an artist, you need to look at top-rated games and see how your art skills compare. If you are yet to get there, who knows, keep working and you’ll soon be the next big name in gaming art.