Major Painting Styles Practiced Today

The joy of painting in the 21st century lies in its diversity. The wide range of painting styles used today are the products of the enormous leaps realized in the 19th and 20th centuries. Most developments in the modern-day painting have something to technological advances, changes in social convictions, politics, and dynamics in philosophy. Here is a list of popular painting styles practiced today.

  • Realism: This type of painting borrows its concept from real art. This implies that the subject of the picture is made to look very much like the real things. Realism has been practice widely ever since the Renaissance.
  • Impressionism: This type of art has its roots in Europe and was first practiced in the 1880s by famous painters like Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh. In this style, objects are painted in a way that makes them retain their realistic appearance, but the artist injects some unique vibrancy to give the painting a deeper meaning.
  • Expressionism: This painting style is believed to have started appearing in galleries and studios in the 20th century. This painting style is known for its use of bold and contrasting colors to shed light on various life forms from the perspective of the artist.
  • Abstraction: This style of painting serves to make paintings less realistic. Ideally, the artist focuses on painting the essence of the subject as he or she interprets it. The painter might reduce the subject to its dominant shades, remove the subject from its context, or enlarge its scale.
  • Photorealism: This painting style seems to make every detail of the painting more real than reality. Here, every detail is captured, and there is no room for flaws. Different painters adopt different approaches, but the most important thing is to capture every aspect.

The painting styles used range from realism to abstract. As such, the quality or superiority of one painting style over another is purely subjective.