How To Display Fine-Art Sculptures

Having the best pieces of art is essential, but how well you display your art is the best aspect of artworks. How you present your artwork has everything to do with the type or genre. In the case of a sculpture, getting the ‘perfect’ display can be a tricky affair. That said, here some sculpture-display tips that could help get the best of these timeless pieces.

  • Choose the Right Setting

The three-dimensional nature of sculpture means that they should be viewable from multiple angles. As such, you should consider having them at the center of a room. However, you also need to ensure that the location does not interfere with the organization and functionality of the room. You can place then in already existing shelves or on side tables.

  • Get the Lighting Right

Lighting is critical when it comes to displaying sculptures. As such, the lighting used should be neither too much or too dim. Too much light has the effect of washing out some essential details while inadequate lighting hides them. You need to achieve the right balance depending on the attributes of the sculpture to ensure you add a unique dimension to their presentation.

  • Get the Right Pedestal

For smaller sculptures, a shelf or a table can be just fine. However, if the sculpture is somewhat large, a pedestal is an absolute must. When it comes to choosing a pedestal, you need to ensure is of the right size and ensure the material or color is consistent with the aesthetics of the room and the sculpture. The best choice should not in any way deviate attention from the sculpture.

How do you display your sculptures? Make an effort of putting the tips shared here. You could be the artist or just a proud owner of a sculpture, the most important thing is to add a new dynamic to your presentation or display.